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If you have not visited our website lately, you will not recognize it. 

A new graphic design, which is much more useful, with interesting features and low membership prices.

Now , our website is a social and online dating site. You can not only meet your partner through it, a love of your life, but also cool people from all over the world.

Create groups which include persons who share your interests, add events that you organize or you just would like just to advertise  them (for this purpose a VIP Membership is required).

Entries with events may also include photos and links. If you want to blog on our website, you just need Basic Membership.

Use a chat if you have a Basic Membership, and a video chat if you have bought a VIP Membership. 

VIP Membership allows sending virtual gifts included the message to users even if they don't have  a membership ( they have the ability to read this message).


In the bottom menu of OUR SERVICE tab, you can find important information, memberships prices and a list of services to which you are entitled after purchasing one of them (important -  full list of VIP Membership services) .

Write a LETTER  to us in which you share an interesting story about your or your friends life – we will publish it on our site.

If you surprise us with excellent writing skills, we may establish a cooperation with you. E-mail: office@epolishwife.com


Please feel invited, enjoy it, make new acquaintances, look for love. Be active!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 


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Find love

portal randkowy

ePolishWife is an international  dating site connecting singles from all over the world.


If you are looking for a serious relationship and you don’t want to waste time on fleeting relationships, our service will meet your expectations.

Polish women are considered to be pretty, hardworking, intelligent and resourceful women. It is no wonder that a lot of foreigners are looking for partners among our compatriots. ePolishWife dating service meets the expectations of men from all over the world, who search polish women dating. We not only offers you possibility to date online, but also access to other services facilitating the first meeting by choosing VIP Membership package.

VIP membership entitles you to use the service with unlimited access. What’s more, you have possibility to use of advantages of the support package including the organization of a first date, a trip to Poland, fiancee visa *, language support, drawing up a plan to stay in Poland, hotel reservations, etc.

What makes us different? 

- Simple and quick registration without filling in the details of the form; 
- Secure payment system without entering your credit card and account number; 
- Many unique services of Basic and VIP Memberships
- Full availability – we work 24 hours/ 7 days a week;

The idea of our polish dating site satisfies your needs. We encourage you to register and make new relationships with users from all around the world.

*Fiancee ("K") VISA – a document issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) when fiance/fiancee of a U.S. citizen is going to come to the United Stated to get married. Before starting the application process we suggest that you meet with woman in Poland. We offer assistance in completing forms.



Looking for soulmate

Subject how to find ideal soulmate is as old as human kind. All the time we are looking for ways to find that someone special. There are countless books, articles and courses that tell us what should we look for. 

Some of those even go further telling people what will make them happy. But reality is somehow different and only you have to know what really makes you happy. Life is very much a personal journey and only you suppose and will know what do you need to feel loved. No doubt serious soul searching and introspective thinking will help to determine what traits you need in your mate for life. To make it short - you need to find someone special who shares same values as you, looks for the same things in relation as you do, shares with you ways how to obtain those things. Mutual love and desire for each other is of utmost importance.


"There are only two ways to experience joy and peace of mind in relationships: We either get what we want or we learn to be happy with what we have."

But remember: 

“Don't expect to sit next to the moon unless you are a star!” - Kevin Darné 

Dating website might be great place for meeting someone special but often it takes some time and before you meet “the one” you need to get to know many people. Dating online allow you to meet them easily and safely – from your own apartment – before you decide on traveling to the other part of world to meet them personally.

It has long been known that the first impression is of the crucial importance. So, whether you manage to find your other half by a dating website largely depends just on you. You have to create your profile  attractive for other users. A basis of achieving a success on the dating site are photos. When we review profiles of singles – our attention is drawn by those with their image. Persons who do not add photos make an  impression of people who have something to hide, and there is anything more discouraging at the beginning of the acquaintance than secrets? Show us as you look like! Your face and silhouette.

Do not wait until somebody speaks to you. Take an initiative!

Do not wait until a love finds you, take matters into your own hands and find it yourself. Your dream partner can be within reach – just click.

Safe dates




Dating sites are becoming popular place on the Internet that can be used to connect  in  search for love. However, online dating users should be very careful. This is the virtual world, where it's easy to get lost.

Single, lonely people have large deposits of feelings and trust that are easy to use by Internet scammers. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of them in wait for naïve people.

Therefore, we want to warn our users  against too much openness and trust. We highly recommend common sense  more