Privacy Policy


If someone, in first message sent to you, gives his/her email address, there is a high possibility that this person might be a scammer. They never pay membership fee and will try all available methods to make contact with potential victims. Do not use such an address and rather try to lead a conversation with him/her through the portal. If it sustain and that person responds to your message there is a good chance that threat doesn't exist and you will avoid disappointment.



Satisfying users and their safety are a priority of functioning of  our service. In order to provide it an encrypted SSL connection is one of protections which we apply. A connection of this type is a better protection of the users profiles and all data which they provide while using our dating website.


Safe dates

Dating sites are becoming popular place on the Internet that can be used to connect  in  search for love. However, online dating users should be very careful. This is the virtual world, where it's easy to get lost. Single people have large deposits of feelings and trust that are easy to use by Internet scammers. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of them in wait for naïve people. Therefore, we want to warn our users  against too much openness and trust.

We highly recommend common sense, even if we think positive about the person we met and have established  virtual contact. Under no circumstances, until you know someone personally, do not pass any of your personal data and contact information, much less of sending money. Get to know personally means to verify its veracity.

Our online dating service wants to help minimize or even exclude any amount of fraud by using special software and security which are blocking scammers. 

Unfortunately, nothing is 100%, hence our call for using utmost precautions.

Privacy Policy

Dating site ePolishWife.com, are fully understanding and respecting your right to privacy. All personal information gathered during your visit to our service will be strictly used for purposes compatible with destination of our dating website. Any information you gave us will never be used in any other way or brought to the knowledge of any third party. Should you have any questions or concerns write to us.

Registration and personal data 

All personal data information such as: full name, marital status, date of birth, education, email address, shall be used only for purposes of our Service.

ePolishWife.com, can assure you that none of your personal information you gave us is to be used in any other way than primary destination and fundations of our website. Only dating website ePolishWife.com and you know information given during registration process and on our part we want to guarantee, that your personal information will never be made familiar to any other person or third party.

Please, be assured that dating site ePolishWife.com are respecting, understanding and taking your right to privacy with utmost seriousness.

Dating website ePolishWife.com use cookies /a small files placed on your computer by a website to store information about you from session to session/ to store your local branch and information about your login session so we can show you pages that belong to you.

Using by you dating site ePolishWife.com means your accetpance of our cookies policy.

Forbidden content Our dating website is constantly watching and checking that no content contradictory with international law and content deemed unaesthetic, immoral or pornographic, shall be publicized within our Service.

Deleting your account ePolishWife.com offers an option of full and complete deleting of your account. In this case, all information you gave us during the registration process will be irretrievably and completely deleted from our database.

If you are not the exclusive user of a computer and you are using our Polish dating site, please, immediately after you end your session DO NOT forget to logout. This is important safety precaution.

If you have noticed any such violation of principles within our Service, please contact us providing details.



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