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Our Polish dating site  is the first, truly international dating  online - especially for ( but not exclusively) single Polish ladies  and men from all over the world, which offers very unique  VIP service.  On all continents Polish women enjoy the opinion of the good, caring wives and mothers, intelligent, resourceful and beautiful women.

In order to meet your expectations we have created a service that goes beyond what other dating sites have offer.

There are two choices: Basic Membership and VIP Membership.

Basic Membership entitles you to contacts with other participants in our dating website without restriction.

VIP Membership offers a broad range of services. These services are designed to help you and your partner to overcome barriers such as distance, language, time, formalities (VERY IMPORTANT! Fiancee (“K”) VISA to USA), etc. In short – enable you to meet /and eventually be together/ that chosen person as soon as possible.

Each client is of utmost importance to us, however, from the moment when you become a VIP Member, you will be entitled to a variety of exclusive services to meet your specific needs.

Nowadays, people are increasingly busy, live under stress, have less and less free time and are largely alone. We understand that dating online should be nice, easy and without any stress. So we created dating site that make registration easy, rules and terms of service as short and accessible as possible.

Our dating website pay utmost attention to the security and integrity of our Members and as the consequence of this principle we do not require your bank account or credit card details (we use specialized companies such as PayPal and Dotpay*) in case of payment for using dating service of ePolishWife.com.

Fees are collected for a specified period of membership (and said services). Therefore we do not collect funds for a further period of membership unless it has been requested by our client. It shall expire automatically.

Please, remember to add your profile photos. 

Contact  us 24h/7 days a week. We answer every message as soon as possible: office@epolishwife.com



Available services for registered Users:

1.Checking all profiles

2.Checking who visited their profile

3. Allows adding friends 

4. Allows  following other users

5. Sending private messages

Registered Users are reminded that full access to our dating website are granted to those who paid Basic or VIP Membership fee.


Payment methods:


-  PayPal Account

-  Credit Cards

-  Debit Cards


- e-Bank Transfers

Directly to our account:




Entitles Users to contact with other participants in the dating service without restrictions.

1. Guarantees all services available to registered users

2. Allows to send and read messages

3. Allows the use of chat

4. Allows to create groups and active participation in them

5.Allows adding blog posts.

6.Allows for commenting and rating user's photos

7.Allows for reading and writing entries newsfeed


Basic Membership fee

1 month   -  $18

3 months  -  $40

6 months  -  $65



This option provides access to all services Basic Membership and is enriched with the following services:

1.Contacts with other participants in the dating service without restrictions.

2.Video Chat

3 Possibility to add Events

4.Allows sending virtual gifts included the message to users even if they have not  a membership ( they have the ability to read this message)

5.Travel to Poland arrangements:

   -  Hotels  accommodations

    - Transportation

    - Trips arrangements etc

    - Flower basket and gift service

    - Organization of meetings with selected Polish women

6.Translation of correspondence

7.Assistance in obtaining Fiancee ("K") VISA to USA in broad sense

8.Other requests - which are within our capabilities


VIP Membership fee:

1 month   -    $80

3 months -  $180

6 months -  $300

* Each service ( 5-8 ) is individually discussed with the VIP Member and valued accordingly to it's kind.




When you found that special person and would like to invite her/his to US there are few important things you have to know. Unfortunately, Polish citizens still need a visa to travel to US and obtain one might be not an easy. The best way to proceed is to apply for Fiancee (“K”) VISA to USA. Please, notice that to apply for one, Immigration Authorities are demanding that you met her/him in person and have proof of this (letters, pictures of both of you together, tickets, etc.). We suggest that the best place for you to meet this person would be her/his home country, in this case Poland. When you have done that, next step is to file a petition with the Immigration Authorities (USCIS). This is a form known as I-129F and you can filled it out by yourself. With all this important tasks (either in Poland – her/his and in US –your) we can help with advice, forms, procedures and so on.

Please, feel free to contact us  vipassistant@epolishwife.com -our VIP Assistants are ready to help you.


Because Internet scams are common, including visa and ticket scams please be careful. Don`t send any personal information and money to person you never met before. In any suspicious situation, get in touch with us – we will do all we can to assist you.



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