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I was wondering why people write letters to the dating sites?? I have never thought about it, because I do not like to write. Krysia (my fiancee:)) asked me to do it. Krysia does not like to write either, but she wanted to thank you, that we are together, thanks to your dating site:-) I am a man from Poland, who lived for many years in the USA. Your dating site reminded me that there are women, who care about me, not only about my bank account. I give to Krysia whatever she wants anyway:-) We do not worry with Krysia, how long our happiness will last. We look forward toward the future, hopefully together and forever:-)) Krysia reminds mi to tell you that we are not that young; so I say so! Thank you for bringing us together!
Krysia and Gieniek





Joanna: My English got a bit rusty. I wasn`t using it every day so I came to an idea that it would be nice to speak with someone from abroad. Accidently I found epolishwife dating website and I fought to myself “Why not?”. This is how I met Joe. Something what started as a normal conversation soon developed into interesting relationship. We talked every day for a month and then one day, while we were talking, someone knocked to my door. It was a delivery man with flowers from the other part of the world! I am over 40 now but that day I felt like a teenager who is falling in love for the first time in her life. I also realized that Joe thinks about our relationship as seriously as I do.

He soon told me that epolishwife helped him in sending those flowers. It also emerged that they help with organizing trip to Poland and fiancée`s visas to USA. We didn`t wait long. Joe first came to Poland – I showed him Tatras and Cracow: I didn’t even realize there are so many romantic cafes in here. ePolishWife also helped us in finding  nice hotels for few days of Joe’s staying there. He was astonished with Poland. Sadly, his trip was soon over and in two weeks time we were saying goodbye at the airport.

Now we talk even more every day and we miss each other. I never fought that a woman my age is able to feel so strong emotions. And these are great because now I am preparing for visiting him! We trusted our website on this one as well – they take care of all the work with K visa. I can hardly wait!

Joe: I always find polish women very attractive and clever. This is exactly who Joana is: she is a successful woman who knows what she wants but also remains elegant and calm. And she has such beautiful eyes! I once read that polish women love to receive gifts and that flowers on first date is a must. Then I saw an info that the VIP account on my website allows me to send flowers to women in Poland. I asked them to send something nice to Joana. It was great.

After the flowers I also send her chocolates and other gifts and recently I even went to Poland. Now it is time for her to visit me here. I didn`t realize how difficult it is for polish people to receive a K visa. This is why we decided to have it done by ePolishWife. I hope they can also advice me on choosing the right ring... :)   

Happy Joanna and Joe



Letter from CHRIS



A few days ago, quite by chance I entered a Polish dating website with a very encouraging name ePolishWife. By chance? Or rather it touched a note of memories in my head… But more on it in a moment. I am a Pole, but also a citizen of the United States of America where I have lived from a few decades. Somewhere in the late 90s of the last century my life again… bent over backwards. Without divagations about “who had been guilty”, while sitting in the living room of the recently purchased house, I realized that I am … lonely again.

This reflection was alarming although momentary, short-time.

A wind whirl of activities of daily living and a single-handedly took up responsibility to renovate my recent purchase by my own, with rather minor skills, was an absorbing task.  But although at the beginning a thought that “you’re lonely”, rarely caused a concern to me, as time passed by began to be more and more insistent. So, I started slowly to go out from my “cocoon”. But it wasn’t easy. Still certain of my “abilities” and memories from the rather faraway years, I made attempts “here and there”. An the more I tried, the more I hit rock bottom. Colloquially speaking, hopelessness… . The ladies whom I got to know in my favorite bar, expeditions for the shindigs for the so called couples with a past, and even trips for usually promising in that respect Polish clubs for the legendary dancing, deservedly as if belonging to the bygone system – a total failure. The attempts to seek and get to know a possible partner from the press announcements, took place too. One of such circumstances particularly engraved in my memory – even somehow in a funny way. In the newspaper of the Polish community abroad, in the “matrimonial ads” sections I found a quite interesting announcement of the attractively looking blond fellow countrywoman. And since this woman was in not so distant Boston so I “recorded myself” on her answering machine. Effectively, because after a few days this lady – let’s say, Zuzia – called me back. A few weeks of the phone talks, contacts via Skype, dozens of sent photos of Ms. Zuzia, confirmed me in my sincere belief that probably “there is something in it”…. However, the first visit of Ms. Zuzia disillusioned my expectations – it turned out that this courteous lady bombarded me with photos from … circa 20 years, additionally not precisely reflecting a state of her present body weight.

These searches were ended by chance and … a dating site. It was just a chance since a certain Saturday afternoon, searching in the Internet, I found an invitation to this web site. I filled out a proper registration form and – in this very afternoon I had still did not know it – found a wife. In Poland ….



Letter from EWA


My adventure with a dating web site started when I was an experienced by life, mature female. I must admit that at that time I had not an optimistic attitude towards this method of making acquaintances. I was an attractive and independent woman who enjoyed interest among the opposite sex, but with a lot of problems. A part of them, as it usually happens at my own request. My prior experiences, an unsuccessful marriage, upbringing children without any help from their father, also financial one, and two subsequent, tragic for me relationships made me fed up with men.

But what are friends for? One day, one of them, a very close person, that could not stand that I was struggling alone with a great deal of problems, hit upon an idea, a very awesome one according to her. Taking into account a happy story of her friend who got to know a love of her life in the U.S.A. by a dating web site, she decided, without my consent, to take the matters into her own hands.

Without asking me about a permit, she took out a photo from my photo album and created my profile on ePolishWife. She heard about this web site from her colleague.  It was Friday, and on Sunday she invited me to her home and, already with my assistance, paid a subscription (there is sure that I returned her this money:). Shortly after this, in my mailbox on this web site appeared messages. A few of them from Poland, but mostly from the United States. One of them was submitted by a Pole who lived in the U.S.A. more than 20 years. The first impression was good. First and foremost, I paid my attention that he created a nice profile, with a good photo and description, what unfortunately is rare in Poland, particularly in the case of men. Then I was indisputable for me that he was not ashamed of anything, did not hide anything and had serious intends. Soon, it was verified by life and turned out to be true. Just this and a fact that despite living as an expat he spoke Polish well caused that I was willing to answer to his message.

And in this way began our acquaintance which then developed rapidly. Two weeks of exchanging correspondence, next everyday phone talks (apropos he has a very nice, masculine voice that impressed me, too) during which we got to know much about each other. After a month he made a decision to fly to Poland. It was supposed to be a real test. A meeting at the airport made a very positive impression on me, but this did not take place without humoristic moments. While my new acquaintance was going in, with a baggage carrier, to the arrival lounge, he saw me and all of sudden turned back. The doors were still opened so he managed to this on time… It turned out that he was stressed about our first “live” meeting and he went out with a carrier which belonged to somebody else. Our first meeting was a real bullseye. It clicked :). Not only I took a fancy to him, but also my family and friends. Even my mother who always critically approached to my previous choices, and then it usually turned out that she was right. During the second visit he proposed to me, and after a few next ones, when we were sure that we want to be together, we made a decision about our common future. Despite a fact that I was not willing to leave Poland, it happened like this. It did not matter that I conducted my own economic activity and that I was independent, I was still easier for me, then to my fiancé, to make such a decision. Departure ... a farewell with the close friends and relatives at the airport and America! I have never thought to be there and it has never been my dream. It was May, western Massachusetts with its wonderful landscapes stunned me. I devoured everything with my eyes full of wonderment. Soon we got married.

I was a good time for us, but … Unfortunately, longing for the close friends and relatives, children and my parents annoyed by their old age who demanded care, won over the other options. My husband was not happy when he heard my proposition to live in Poland, but because he has always missed it and he never settled down in 100% in this foreign country, he agreed. We are in Poland, we feel well because of the close friends and relatives, but life in America is decidedly easier… I recommend.

I also do recommend making acquaintances by the web sites of this type. Do not be afraid. Really, a great deal of our friends, and friends of our friends from Poland and the United States got to know each other in such a manner. You should only behave reasonably and carefully. We thank ePolishWife for its establishing and thanks to it we do well.



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