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Before we start to analyze why American men like Polish women so much it is good to say why do they prefer them to American partners.

Many guys say that the biggest reason for looking for single ladies from Poland or other Eastern European countries is simple they don`t like women from US, Canada or other Western countries. Many guys find them just to self-concentrated and testing to date them longtime. One of Americans say that dating an American women is always a contest: who has a better job and who earns more, who is more occupied and who had more partners in the past. Nothing strange that it is so hard.

Polish women dating is much easier. Not because Poles are easier to impress but because in Poland everyone needs to play his part – women need to look gorgeous and – in the future – concentrate on family life: cooking, taking care of children etc. What doesn`t necessarily mean that they need to resign from their jobs. Men, on the other hand, should compliment them, their appearance and act with chivalry – open door for them, pay the bills in the restaurants and buy them flowers.

It is also easier to find polish wife because Polish women want to get involved and set the family. Different than in the USA, for most polish women staying at home does not mena not to act feministic. In Eastern Europe feminism is more about making decision women like than acting like men.

The best way for seeking polish woman is to use polish datingsites. Unfortunately, many women in Poland do not speak English fluently. They may find it so much easier to chat with someone via Internet than to start a conversation in a café or on the party. Is it worth the trouble? Yes. With Polish woman man feel more masculine – he doesn`t have to prove anything, he can be who he wants to be and can count on real attention. No game, just dating. 


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