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Simple registration, Uniqueness – only we offer special VIP membership, Safe payments and low membership fees, Support - 24/7, Partnership with different dating websites from abroad.
It’s no surprise that many American citizens are looking for Polish wife. Some try to know the ladies who happen to reside in the United States, and some are coming to our country. Still others use dating websites..
If you met a polish woman via dating website, there are few things you need to know. Polish women can be caring, patient and dedicated but


Dating online – let’s get to know – our internal GPS

As it turns out, what partner we choose depends not at all on the random case. Whether someone is or is not in our type acquires some scientific meaning. And it all depends on our inner GPS,so called map of love.


Dating online by Dating Coach

Online dating is nothing more than a „tool” for people to meet other people. Just like a fork is a tool which can be used to eat a garden salad or a slice of double fudge cake. It comes down to the individual’s (choices). For anyone to blame their bad dat

Uniting lovers is our passion. In USA, one of eight couples getting marriage met on dating sites. Today dating online is a popular way to meet the love of your life. Using dating websites is not a reason to feel ashamed anymore. And Internet is a great opportunity to meet women from all around the world. This is what we do. ePolishWife is a polish women dating website where you can meet Poles who are known from being attractive women, good mothers and patient wives.
Become a VIP. You will not only get access to our polish dating site but you will also receive our help with arranging dates, including hotel reservation and buying airlane tickets. We will also be happy to help you in sending flowers and other gifts. Our employees are experts in getting “K” Visas to USA (so-called fiancee visa). Dating site ePolishWife threats every customer individually and is willing to meet his needs.
If you are afraid that love of your life lives on the other part of the world you do not need to worry about that anymore. Dating website ePolishWife is dedicated to uniting men from all around the world with polish women.
Signing up for ePolishWife means:

  • Simple registration – tell us about yourself only what you want,
  • Safe payments – we don`t need to know you account number or your credit card number, we do not take off payments from your account “automatically”,
  • Possibility to use VIP membership,
  • We help VIP in arranging live meetings, we offer translations and respond to other needs.

Don`t waste years on waiting to meet the person you love. Let us handle this. We will take care of a hotel, we can even plan romantic trips for you, you just focus on making the best impression.
Lets meet. Register for free and find out what our website has to offer. Maybe your love awaits here!

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